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Franck Ribéry, un Français qui fête la victoire de… l’Algérie

L'ami frank

Franck RIBERY, footbaleur international français a fêté la victoire de l’Algérie sur le Rwanda en défilant avec le drapeau algérien !

regardez sur ce lien les réactions françaises!



21 octobre 2009 - Posted by | News / Info, Sports | , , , , , , , , ,

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  1. Je vois pas ou est le probleme??… quand la france a gagné sa femme était contente elle a supporté c normal kil supporte le pays d’origine de son epouse. Pour moi les commentaires de alain jacques et tout les autres critinus qui ont laissé des commentaires d’imbecile ,minable comme j’ai pu lire sont des gros crétins on peux aimé un pays qui n’est pas forcemenent le notre mais ca veux pas dire kon aime pas la france!!!!!
    a bon entendeur salut!

    Commentaire par RIBERYPAIX | 24 octobre 2009 | Réponse

  2. Hello,
    Here i’m answering to the crowd humming in another site http://www.nationspresse.info/?p=61642, I’m american married to a french girl, I learned french and could understand what the crowd was saying there, the only algerian I know here in Florida is a sensational fellow, he made me discover more about algerians, and by the way the Former director of the NIH Elias Adam Zerhouni is an algerian lived in Algeria and did so much for america in medical field like IRM, so please show some respect to this nation that have faced so many challenges and succeeded in overcoming them.
    Kind regards

    Commentaire par Kenny marconizi | 26 octobre 2009 | Réponse

    • … bravo for fair comment

      Commentaire par obalgie | 26 octobre 2009 | Réponse

  3. hi kenny,
    big respect for you!!!!
    im algerian and i have so much pain in france,
    beceause the french people are closed in her spirit!!!
    its a true reality!!
    i want meet you, if you want ,
    you can give me your adress please.

    Commentaire par red | 27 octobre 2009 | Réponse

  4. hi kenny,
    this is my adress: re.re@hotmail.fr,
    bye my brotha

    Commentaire par red | 27 octobre 2009 | Réponse

  5. Merci Mr Kenny, votre reponse etait saine et correcte, non seulement la france ne reconnait pas le mal qu’elle a fait aux ALGERIENS principalement ,car ce n’est pas contre les marrocains ou les tunesiens qu’elle s’est bute de 1956 a 1962, de multitudes videos et archives montrent le genocide commis par la france ou les consequences trainent jusqua aujourd’hui, que ca soit des traces du nucleaire essai au sahara ou morale, because if ALGERIANS actually are known for their impulsive revolts, it is only due to the fact that their parents were conditionned and psychicly victims of the slaughtering of the french army against whom they had to respond savagely as an answer to the arbitrary killing of ALGERIAN civilians at that time, the same way My MUM today is conditionned by stocking sugar and semoulina in quantities in fear of lacking it of in near future, so when I see my MUM I’m convinced that the french did horrible things that I have not lived, let alone the french witnesses like generale Massu and many others who recognized it, so The french instead of showing respect to ALGERIA, they react the way it’s shown in that other site, today the ALGERIANS are opning their door to the world and AMERICANS understood that quickly and are walking hand in hand allowing citizens from both countries to stay 2 long years without renewing their visas,which I find logic if someone wants to be the first benificiary of projects in oil and gaz, The french Actually wants the butter and the money of the butter, it’s a hell of a procedure to allow a simple algerian to visit france, they would accept morrocans and senegalese and any other country except for the ALGERIANS, Mr Kenny I really appreciate your point of view, because in fact ALGERIA is a country that has suffered a lot and have produced many thinkers, artists ect.. St augustine, zinedine zidane, Yves saint laurent, thelma schoonmaker and the list is very long . Thanks

    Commentaire par mohand | 6 novembre 2009 | Réponse

  6. on va gagné inchalah one two three viva lalgerie

    Commentaire par tarek | 18 novembre 2009 | Réponse

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